The ice is almost gone and what is left is a slush bowl. Spring has sprung and stinky piles of dog poo are emerging from the wintery dwellings.

Thanks to Peace Coffee for being a sponsor for my trip. They provided me with awesome coffee (which comes in a bomber bag) that provided warmth and caffinated mind bombs that often resulted in me having conversations with myself. I have written a small article for there March Newsletter (which you can sign up for at their website).

Expect a write up for Day 2-3: South Channel to Basswood Island, to be up here in couple days. It sounds like everyone is enjoying the ice sounds.

While out on the ice I did some shots for On The Road with Jason Davis.This will be airing Sunday March 21st on KSTP at 10:30pm. It will repeat on Monday the 22nd between 11:00 am and noon.

Enjoy the nice weather and Ride On~!