A Little About The Islands

The Apostle Islands of Lake Superior consist of 22 islands off the Bayfield Peninsula of Northern Wisconsin. They range in size from the bare rock known as Gull Island, to the largest of the islands, the 14 mile long Madeline Island. Some are as close to the mainland as 1.5 miles and some as far off as 20 miles.

This group of islands is the spiritual home to the Lake Superior Chippewa.

Evidence (in the form of copper tools) has been found that ancient people lived in this region 1,000-3,000 years ago.

Bikes on Ice

After years of exploring my backyard training ground, the frozen Chequamegon Bay of Lake Superior, I believe that a bicycle thats properly prepared is an efficient means of crossing ice and snow of a certain nature. Many people have already proven this theory. I sought to further support this idea, and to see to what degree the bicycle could be used as transportation in extreme winter environments. Yet again, the bicycle proves worthy. Learn more about my bike and specialized gear by clicking here.

Ice Sounds

The Lake Drums, as some people call them, are an amazing phenomenon that rank right up there with Aurora Borealis. Lake drums, or drumming perhaps, occurs when a shift in the ice creates friction between sheets of ice, like tectonic plates of the earths crust. The unique sounds created come after these shifts in the ice. I ventured out and captured some of these sounds with modern recording techniques.

When and Where?

Wherever the ice allowed. It was a rather warm season. The ice let me go to Hermit Island, Basswood Island, Madeline Island, and Long Island.


I am now compiling a presentation based on the sights and sounds I have recorded. This will be presented to the public sometime in April or March.